Welcome Parents!

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Raising teens can be a challenge - and also very rewarding. We can't make the process any easier for you, but we'd love to offer you as much support as we can. Listed below are some resources that may be helpful to you as a parent.

If there are any resources you've come across that you think other parents would find helpful let us know and we'll add them to the list.

You can also subscribe to our parent newsletter to stay updated on what's going on in our ministry, just in case your teen isn't letting you know. :)

Links For Parents


We know students aren't always the best at keeping their parents filled in on what's going on. Our parent newsletter aims to keep you informed on upcoming events and need-to-know topics of what's happening in the ministry. You can sign up below to receive it. You can also sign up to receive the CPYU (Center for Parent Youth Understanding) Parent Page to stay updated on trends and information on youth culture.