Pray like lives depend on it

In 7th-grade football practice, I remember the coach had drawn a narrow rectangle on the ground about five yards long. Two players had to lie down on their back at each end with helmets facing each other. The coach would blow his whistle, and we had to jump up and start running toward each other while getting ready to catch the ball if it was thrown at us. If you got the ball, the goal was to run through the other player, and if you were the defender, you had to stop the man with the ball.

I remember most about that exercise that no matter what, you could never stop doing your job until the drill was over. We had to play like our life depended on it. There was no excuse for not doing your job. This was such a great life lesson and one that has significant application to our spiritual lives.

In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus told a parable about a woman who continually went to the judge in the city over a matter she had with someone else. She wanted justice and was relentless in bringing her case to the authority. Ultimately, she was successful, and the judge ruled in her favor. His reason for telling the story is given in v.1 “Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart” (NASB)

Prayer is just a normal part of the Christian life. We praise and thank God in prayer, bring our needs and requests in prayer, repent, and intercede for others in prayer, but most importantly, we’re to continue in prayer. Some people don’t pray because they feel that they’re not very good at it. Others have prayed but don’t feel that it accomplished anything, so in discouragement, they stopped. Still, others think it’s strange talking to someone that isn’t responding verbally. By not praying, we cut off the supernatural source of power that God means for us to have through prayer.

We’re used to handling things independently, whether it’s relationships, problems at work, or some other burden we’re carrying. However, don’t we often find ourselves frustrated, annoyed, and even angry because a family member refuses to listen to wise advice? Do you have a problem at work that seems impossible to resolve? Are you wrestling with a personal burden, and the situation worsens every time you try to deal with it?

God alone is the answer, and you connect with Him through prayer. There’s no magic formula to prayer; it’s simply going in faith to God and speaking with Him. What’s preventing you from praying today? Pray like lives depend on it.

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